This is a list over my own findings in Hordaland. In norwegian these are called edelkryss.
I only list those birds that are considered by rarities committees and only the first find. Birds have to be found and identified by myself. Most of them have been seen by others as well,  Radde's and Barred Warbler being the only exceptions as they are seen by myself only.
All are accepted by the local rarities committee (LRSK) or the national rarities committee (NSKF).

* more than once

Garganey Anas querquedula 17-05-2014 Tjeldstø
Tundra White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons flavirostris  22-09-2010 Herdla
Tundra Bean Goose Anser serrirostris 05-01-2013 Herdla
Brent Goose Branta (b) bernicla 30-09-2009 Herdla
Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus 13-03-2009 Nese
Iceland Gull Larus g glaucoides 11-01-2012 Byparken *
Turteldue Streptopelia turtur 25-09-2008 Turøy
Grasshopper Warbler Locustella naevia 24-05-2012 Hernar *
Radde's Warbler Phylloscopus schwarzi 02-11-2010 Turøy
Yellow-browed Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus 14-10-2008 Sele *
Barred Warbler Sylvia nisoria 29-09-2012 Turøy*
Rose-coloured Starling Pastor roseus 09-10-2008 Herdlevær
Carrion Crow Corvus corone 17-05-2009 Herdla *
Richard's Pipit Anthus richardi 27-09-2009 Herdla *
Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgsoni 04-10-2011 Utsira
Dvergspurv Emberiza pusilla 03-10-2013 Utsira
Two-barred Crossbill Loxia leucoptera 24-01-2010 Hjelme-vest *

In the Netherlands I found these birds, all national rarities at the moment of finding and accepted by the CDNA (national rarities committee):

Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus *
European Storm Petrel Hydrobates pelagicus
Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus
Broad-billed Sandpiper Limicola falcinellus *
Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos *
Marsh Sandpiper  Tringa stagnatilis *
Long-tailed Skua Stercorarius longicaudus *
Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis *
Red-rumped Swallow Cecropis daurica
Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus *
Richard's Pipit Anthus richardi *
Citrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola
Melodious Warbler Hippolais polyglotta
Yellow-browed Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus *
Pallas's Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus proregulus *
Eurasian Treecreeper Certhia familiaris *
Rose-coloured Staling Pastor roseus
Parrot Crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus *
Common Rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus *
Little Bunting Emberiza pusilla *

Further I was involved in finding the following rarities (together with the person spotting the bird and involved in the identification, or finding a second individual):

American Wigeon Anas americana
Baillon's Crake Porzana pusilla
Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Calidris acuminuta
River Warbler Locustella fluviatilis (second bird)
Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola (second bird)

On world level I was involved in finding a new species for Colombia, Long-billed Curlew Numenius americanus and a second for Ecuador, Southern Martin Progne elegant. Both birds were well documented.

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