Herdla is Hordaland's top wetland. Best period is late summer and autumn, when waders are migrating. Circumstances are ideal when the weather is bad! Rain and winds from the west are the ideal conditions for finding good numbers of waders. Buff-breasted Sandpiper  and Pectoral Sandpiper are more or less regular. Otherwise  Lesser Yellowlegs, American and Pacific Golden Plover have been reported!
In late autumn and winter good numbers of wintering ducks are present and often geese are resting on the fields.
On days with beautiful weather it can be really quiet, but anything could turn up on Herdla.

Golf course

me on Herdla

Herdlevær and Breivik


Breivik fields

Rinden on Breivik

Breivik with barnehagen in the background

Herdlevær is one of the small islands of Øygarden. As with most of the other islands it has a bridge to the "mainland". Best finds here are Isabelline Shrike and Blyth's Reed Warbler. I found a Rose-coloured Starling in october 2008. I oktober 2012 a Siberian Stonechat was present.
Breivik is on the adjecent Ona. It is a blend of pastures and houses with gardens. I often combine a walk on Breivik with Herdlevær. It is good for geese in late autumn, raptors and passerines of open areas, such as larks and wheatears.


Turøy is one of my favourites. Small and very quiet. Best birds I have seen are Radde's Warbler, Barred Warbler and Turtle Dove.

In this garden I found Radde's Warbler

Hernar may be Hordaland's best place for rarities, especially passerines (Crag Martin and Greenish Warbler being evidence of that). Lots of nice spots on this tiny isolated isle. It is only reachable with a ferry once a day. So, when on Hernar you have eight hours or so to check all very thorough.

northwesternmost garden


Sædalsveien 69

Here we live and of course I keep a houselist. As you can see on the pictures good circumstances for birds. Until now I've seen and heard 88 species around the house, with best birds being Woodcock, Wryneck, Common Buzzard and Golden Eagle. Tawny Owl always calling in winter and spring.
The view is excellent as you can see on the pics.

But very often the view is like this