Do you know my wife...?

My wife Anne Karliczek (picture taken on Skogsøy)

Anne also likes to take pictures. She is a mountaineer (not bearded, however) and travels the world to climb all sorts of hills and mountains. Highest was Ama Dablam (6800+m).

On 15th of june 2013 Anne gave birth to our daughter Robin!

My little Robin

Robin eight months old on Tenerife

Robin feb 2016 at home

Do you know our cat?

Abdullah was our male, arrogant cat.
"de panter van het plein"
"de prins van de padangstraat"
"de sultan van de sædalsveien"
"het aardappelhooibeest"
"de hellehond van hordaland"

We tolerated eachother since he was 7 weeks old. He died in july 2015 at the age of 19

And then... our dog!!

In august 2012 we've got a new friend in the house. His name is Hickman, a Labradoodle. He will accompany us, hopefully, for a lot of years. 


Abdullah and Hickman...

Hickman on ice

Hickman, one year old


"het chocoschaap"
"het sperzievarken"
"de floormanager"

In the summer of 2016 we got a new cat. His name:

Nelson Rodrigues

Born on 28th april 2016

Although Hickman is a bit jealous, they seem to get along most of the time

The reason Anne and I met is Haddock. We both love the Tintin-series and are especially fond of Haddock and his temper.

Life is not always easy

to drink or not to drink

the rest of my family:

My parents Iwe and Pia during a pelagic off Cape Town in march 2006

My brother Sybrand taking pics in the area we saw Hottentot Buttonquail in South Africa

Myself during the same South African trip

Once life was not that bad

Again myself on Skogsøy

january 2011 northern Thailand

I have been photographing since 2007. I began taking pictures with a Nikon D80 body and a 300mm/f4 Nikkor lens. Since 2013 I use a Nikon D600 with the same lens. Since june 2015 I use a 300mm f/4 VR Nikkor. Nice and easy-to-handle. 
I have been travelling around; besides some countries in Europe I visited Israel twice, Oman, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, South Africa, Ecuador twice, Thailand, Florida, Canary Islands, Madeira, California, Turkey and Western Sahara.
So far I have seen 2899 species in the world, 674 species in the Western Palearctic, 451 in the Netherlands, 306 in Norway and 180 in Bergen...