Sep 17, 2021

first autumn visit Turøy

 Had a walk on Turøy before work. Not many birds, but always nice to be on Turøy and always something possible. The weather was fine, but the only birds worth mentioning were a flyby Grey Wagtail, three Chiffchaffs (collybita), three migrating Dunnocks and a migrating Tree Pipit. This last one I recorded well (use headphones)

📡Tree Pipit


Sep 16, 2021

gentle rain on Herdlevær

 Tuesday free, so I decided to go to Herdlevær. On the 16th of September autumn migration should be in full swing and so it was today. A continuous, gentle rain produced rather a lot of birds "on the ground". Best bird was a Western Yellow Wagtail (I think a first-winter flava) together with a group of Meadow Pipits. Further lots of Fieldfares, a few Redwings, Song Thrushes, 4 Goldfinches, Linnets and Twites. A Blackcap, one Willow Warbler and three Chiffchaffs on the Phylloscopus- front and a flyby Merlin was quite a long time ago for me. Waders included a few Golden Plovers, a Grey Plover and a Common Sand Plover, all flyby's.

📡Western Yellow Wagtail

Aug 28, 2021

Honeybuzzard over my house

 Around 12:00 today Eirik Adolfsen reported a probable Honeybuzzard over Fyllingsdalen, flying south to Bergensdalen. That is where I live and I was at home. Of course I went up to the balcony and, believe it or not, there it was flying over my head, 10 minutes after the report. All went very quick, but it was a Honeybuzzard indeed, and a dark-colored one!!! 

At first I could see it around 10 seconds in my bins gliding to the south and turning once, spreading its tail. Then I tried to photograph it, but it flew too quick. After that I found it back, I could see the bird gliding and flying for about one minute through my telescope, but against strong sunlight. All in all I could see enough details (characteristic silhouette, quite long tail, head and wings and an extra band on the tail when still in good light, as well as the flight silhouette with downcurved wings and flying like a kite) to make a positive ID. Now I have to convince the local committee also. But what an experience!

Made a description after the event. The detail drawing of the tail shows more contrast than the bird actually had, but the idea is to show the bird had a band on the tail and not many small stripes as Buzzard would show).  Sorry for the bad quality..

In the morning I made a walk with Hickman at the biological station. Quiet there, but a migrating Greenshank was nice.

📡Common Greenshank

📡Common Chiffchaff

Aug 11, 2021


Quiet walk on Herdla today before work, nice weather and some waders. Best being juvenile Curlew Sandpiper. Further four Little Stints, some Dunlins, a lot of Common Ringed Plovers, 15 Ruff and flyby Common Greenshanks...

juvenile Curlew Sandpiper

group of five Common Greenshanks

Aug 8, 2021

Summer in the garden

Working, my mother visiting us and not much to see...That means no birding.

In the garden still some nuts in the feeders attracting Blue Tits, Great Tits and Nuthatches.

Jul 24, 2021

Holiday in Denmark

 In July we were on Rømø, Denmark. Rømø is the southernmost wadden-isle of the country. No serious birding, but the island holds some nice breeding species, such as Little Tern and Kentish Plover. Both species are protected. Saw a total of 108 species during the holiday. One wetland produced good numbers of waders (beautiful Spotted Redshanks amongst others), a lot more than I am used to these days. Distant views though...😑

Little Tern

some 25 Kentish Plovers

the protected area

Ringed Plover with pullus

Listen to some sound recordings below

📡 Little Tern

📡 Common Cuckoo

📡 Common Linnet

📡 Willow Warbler

📡 Eurasian Wren

📡 Eurasian Blackcap

📡 Common Ringed Plover

📡 Lesser Whitethroat (song)

📡 Lesser Whitethroat (call)

📡 Eurasian Wren

📡 Yellowhammer

Jun 24, 2021

Marsh Warbler singing!

 I had to make a sound recording of the Marsh Warbler that was on Austrheim. Listen below!

📡Marsh Warbler

📡Marsh Warbler

I couldn't find the other Marsh Warbler that was reported earlier in the week at Leirvåg. Otherwise during this night session the usual suspects with some Sedge Warblers, Woodcocks and three or four Tawny Owls...

Jun 23, 2021

Late June: ducks

 After the breeding season ducks need time to moult. Almost every year one or two nice species turn up in this period. This year a nice, but shy drake Gadwall is at Tveitevannet. Yesterday I saw it only in flight, but today it showed quite nice. The Mallard below is less shy...also a calling Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, probably the same as reported early may nearby...

Jun 17, 2021

Blyth's Reed Warbler still present

 This morning I went to Herdla early morning for the Blyth's Reed Warbler at the golf course. Still singing and still showing itself rather good...Listen below some variations of the song: slow, fast and mimicry. Sound recorded a singing Twite as well.

On the reserve quiet with only the Blue-headed Wagtail worth mentioning. Otherwise a few Dunlins and lots of young birds...

phone-scope of the Blue-Headed Wagtail

video wire you can hear the bird sing...

📡 Blyth's Reed Warbler

📡 Blyth's Reed Warbler

📡 Twite

Jun 13, 2021


 For the fourth time this year I had a seawatch at Geitingneset at Herdlevær. I'd very much like to see Manx Shearwater here, but so far I don't succeed. Anyhow today not many birds, but there were two Great Skua's and a very nice Pomarine Skua today which were slowly migrating. I guess the Pomarine was a female because of the broad breastband...Otherwise some Gannets and a flyby Common Eider as well as the usual Shags...

Jun 8, 2021

Blyth's Reed Warbler at Herdla

 I had to make a try for the Blyth's Reed Warbler at the golf course on Herdla after seeing the stunning photo's. It would be a opportunity for some sound recordings as well. I did not have the views and songs the others had earlier on the day. Probably I was too early in the night, but I had to work the following day and was already  tired after a busy working weekend. Anyhow, it was singing only three or four short phrases. I managed to make a recording with some song and you can hear the call at the end of the recording. I also saw it two or three times very shortly...

Otherwise a flyby Yellow Wagtail, probably one of the flava's  reported before on the nature reserve

📡 Blyth's Reed Warbler

Jun 7, 2021

 At Flesland Gård this morning a calling Wryneck. Probably the same bird as on Sletten ridesenter. Listen below.

Otherwise quiet with a pair of Twite still hanging around, as well as Spotted Flycatcher and the usual suspects.

📡 Wryneck

Jun 6, 2021

Grasshopper Warbler at Unneland

Yesterday evening I went for a singing Grasshopper Warbler at Unneland in Bergen. It was singing well, so I could make a sound recording. Listen below. Otherwise a displaying Woodcock as well... 

📡 Common Grasshopper Warbler