Apr 26, 2014

Capercaillie still present

The female Capercaillie was as expected still present this morning, just sitting and warming itself in the morning sun. I'd like to have it on the ground, but Robin wouldn't let me...

Apr 25, 2014

Western Capercaillie

This female Caipercaillie is visiting a school at Indre Arna in Bergen. It is living at the roof of this school every spring  for a few weeks, doing so for five years in a row now.
Every now and then it is walking and sitting on the ground, behaving extremely confident. I didn't know about this until today after being tipped. I will definitely return one of these days for better pictures!
Further this morning brief views of a White-backed Woodpecker on the east side of Nordvik, another new Bergen species for me!

Apr 24, 2014

Northern Shoveler

This afternoon I found a pair of Northern Shovelers at Kalandsviken. New for my Bergen list. Further the first Tree Pipits at Kalandsvannet and Nordvik.
Lately I saw a Ring Ouzel at Rødland, up to three Red-throated Divers on Kalandsvannet and a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Sandalsbotn. Bergen yearlist total until today 104...

record shots of the birds