Jan 5, 2022

nice weather, nice day

 Tried for the Great Egret again. Still present, but at a great distance. Got a record shot, no more. Otherwise some nice birds around in Fana: a female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, a Marsh Tit at a feeder at the Hordamuseet and a noisy Hawfinch in the garden worth mentioning...

Jan 4, 2022

adult Iceland Gull

 Took a day off for some things at home. But I took also the opportunity to see an adult Iceland Gull, that stays at Nygårdsviken in Bergen. I never saw this plumage before, so happy with that. Another bird (3rd cy) was present at Solheimsviken.

Nice start of the bergen year!!

Jan 3, 2022

the new year

 During the holidays I worked both Christmas and the new year weekend as well as the days in between. As a result I couldn't attend the nyttårskryss, the traditional three-days birding race in Hordaland. But, just before picking up my family on Flesland airport I had a little window of birding around Flesland. Then someone reported a Great Northern Diver at the marinbiological station. Off course I tried for it, but instead of finding a diver I saw a young Black Guillemot, which is rare in Bergen as well. This bird was quickly seen by Terje Hansen, Jørn Opsal and a few others. Afterwards it became clear that this guillemot was reported as Great Northern Diver. Hm...

Just before I went to work a Great Egret was found at Kalandsvannet. A new bird for Bergen (for me). This morning it was still present and I saw it. Bird nr 191 for Bergen😊