Dec 2, 2020


 November has been a month with a lot of jobbing, bad weather and dark outside, so not much birding. Last Saturday, though, I saw a Firecrest at Milde, that was a new Bergen species for me. It was also nr 149 for my Bergen yearlist, meaning that I have December to try to get 150. White-tailed Eagle still missing...

Oct 28, 2020

Late autumn at Herdlevær

Many birds today at Herdlevær but only a few species. Thrushes and finches...

Got some nice recording of a Brambling. Hear below (best with headphones). The first with only the nasal call, on the second recording below you can hear the soft "tep" as well

📡Brambling   📡Brambling soft "tep"

Oct 23, 2020


 Fine, dark autumn weather on Turøy. Most birds gone, but still some Robins and the like. Two Grey-headed Woodpeckers (male and female), two Tree Sparrows and two Blackcaps made the day

male Grey-headed Woodpecker


Today after a period with heavy rains tried on Herdlevær. Lots of birds. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker best bird with two flyby Grey Wagtails coming in second place. Further lots of Robins, wrens, thrushes and so on, but all usual suspects...heard three times a call which reminded me of Humes Leaf Warbler, but I couldn't find the bird...I don't want to claim that one, but it sounded really good.

Nice recording of a Redwing below

📡 Redwing

Oct 21, 2020

rain, thrushes and a Eurasian Treecreeper

 Much rain today and loads of thrushes on the ground. Fieldfares, Blackbirds, Redwings and a few Song Thrushes at Flesland gård and the Marin biological Station. Further a Goldfinch and four Tree Sparrows. Below a recorded of a Eurasian Treecreeper

📡 Treecreeper

Oct 19, 2020


Today a visit to Herdla. It is October, so have to get out when possible😊. It was nice, but no shocking events...

A group of 24 Pink-footed Geese, two Northern Pintails, some 80 Wigeons, three Grey Plovers and some Dunlins on the fields. A walk at Herdla Fort produced a very vocal male Grey-headed Woodpecker, some Common Crossbills, two Nuthatches(!) and a flyby Goldfinch. Lots of Fieldfares, Common Starlings and Robins, as well as a few Willow Tits made the trip worth wile. Listen some sound recordings below.

📡 Grey-headed Woodpecker and Common Crossbill

I think it's difficult to judge which type crossbill is involved here. There are described 6 different types, based on differences in calls (A, B, C, D, E and F). I think the recorded crossbills are type A...or C...

One can read and hear more about this in Dutch Birding 22:61-107 and the CD Introduction to vocalizations of crossbills in north-western Europe, both by Magnus Robb, both published in 2000

Oct 15, 2020

fantastic weather on October 15th

 It was fantastic weather today...tried Herdlevær, but it was as expected very quiet. The only birds worth mentioning were a Grey-headed Woodpecker, which was calling a lot and flying around and a few Goldfinches...and of course Robins and Wrens I around very corner😊

nice birds, these wrens

Oct 8, 2020

Bearded Reedling at Herdlevær

I missed on a little group of three Bearded Reedlings at Herdlevær yesterday😑. I wasn't able to visit, so I went to Herdlevær today without any expectations or hope at all, because they were not seen after 15:00 on wednesday. It was by the way a group of Norwegian birds, ringed this year in southern Norway...

But at a totally different place I found them back. It went quick. I couldn't believe my ears first. I only heard them vaguely and couldn't locate them. Then I decided to get a bit closer as they were calling again. After that I could make a few sound recordings. Then the four (!) birds flew away after about ten minutes, during which I could take more sound recordings. Searching afterwards with a few present birders was fruitless. It could well be that they slept on the spot and flew away after my encounter...

The sound recordings are quite distant and not very good as I could not get closer than about 50 meters, but one can hear the unmistakable calls of the birds😊

📡 here and here (best with headphones)

Further rather quiet with among others one Lesser Whitethroat (curruca), 10 Goldfinches, only one Chiffchaff (collybita) and lots of Goldcrests. At Breivik I saw one Northern Pintail and further the group of Pink-footed Geese with two Barnacles still present.


Oct 1, 2020

A bonanza of the feel-good-bird of the autumn: Yellow-browed Warbler

Went to Herdlevær this morning and arrived when it was still a bit dark. Started with a fly-over Hawfinch at Breivik. Spent almost three hours which produced no less than six Yellow-browed Warblers! They were calling good, but difficult to see. Tried to get some pics, but didn't get good enough result to publish here. 

📡 XC592264

Lots of birds about with two migrating Grey Wagtails, groups of seven and six Goldfinches, two Blackcaps, three Chiffchaffs and a Willow Warbler. Further at Breivik a group of 61 Pink-footed Geese...

Later on the day I paid a visit to the Mandarin Duck in Bergen, which was nr 140 for the Bergen yearlist (countable in Norway). Only one short now for a record😊 (the Stonechat at Kalandsvannet yesterday was a new bird for Bergen for me...). To make the day even more special I heard another YBW at Christieparken, totaling the day number at 7!

first year Mandarin Duck

Sep 29, 2020

Black-throated Diver in Bergen

 Twitched the Black-throated Diver today at Kalandvannet. Easy twitch, bad picture. Anyhow tick for the year...

first-winter Black-throated Diver

Sep 10, 2020

Yellow-legged Gull Davøy

 The adult Yellow-legged Gull is still present at Davøy for the third year in succession. It looks very much like a michahellis, but according to some gull specialists there is something wrong with the black at the tip of the wings p5-p10...Indeed, it seems that there is not enough black in the wing for a typical michahellis. Could it be one of the baltic yellow-legged Herring Gulls (formerly omissus?, or a hybrid?) I am not a gull specialist. I think the Norwegian rarity committee has the last word, I don't know if this individual will be accepted...

Nice bird and easy to find with the white head, red orbital ring, big bill, dark upper parts and yellow legs!

Earlier in the morning I found a Rose-coloured Starling between the common ones. I was too slow to get decent pictures. Later on the day it was seen by Terje Hansen and Jørn Opsal as well

Aug 26, 2020


 The last few weeks very quiet, but yesterday a Black-tailed Godwit and a Ruff on the airport fields of Flesland. Two new birds for the year in Bergen. Long distance, so no pics. At the biological station a flyby Kestrel, which was also a new bird for the year in Bergen, totaling 134 now. Don't know if it's going to be a record this year...

Aug 9, 2020

Storm Petrels

 Last night I joined a session of luring and catching European Storm Petrels at Herdlevær. We watched and ringed twelve birds. Nice result!! All these beauties were second calendar year birds. These are identifiable because of the pointed (and not rounded) p2. 

After ringing and measuring the birds stay on the stone they are placed upon for a short minute, giving good photo opportunities. 


Jul 14, 2020


A family holiday-trip to Danmark (Falser) and Norway (Jeløy in Moss-municipality). Not birding actively, but in the garden of the Jeløy house a pair of Red-backed Shrikes with three juveniles and a Wryneck were present!
In Danmark bad weather, but a short visit to a wetland produced no less than 20 (!) Red-necked Grebes, three summer-plumaged Spotted Redshanks, some Ruffs end a few Wood Sandpipers, among  others. Always nice for a Bergen-based birder😊

Male Red-backed Shrike

juvenile RBS

calling RBS

Coals Tits, the adult feeding the juvenile

juvenile Coal Tit

Jun 26, 2020

Northern Pintail in Bergen

Summer and the ducks are coming. After the Shoveler at Nestun, a Northern Pintail was on the Tveitevannet. It was found by Ottar Osaland. Rather shy bird... it came out of the reed some minutes after I arrived, but unfortunately it was chased away by dogs. Managed to take some pictures, though...

eclips male Northern Pintail

Jun 23, 2020

Northern Shoveler in Bergen

Still present: Northern Shoveler on Nestunvannet. Scarce visitor to Bergen...

male Northern Shoveler

Jun 19, 2020

Blyth's Reed Warbler during day time at Hamre

City birding. The Blyth's RW is also singing during day time. Lots of traffic noise and other birds...


Jun 18, 2020

Herdla 180620

The plan was to visit Breivik and Herdlevær on Øygarden to find something big, but there was a full traffic stop due to an accident. So I had to change plans and visited Herdla instead.
Well, it was OK with some nice birds but nothing out of the ordinary. Best birds were two, may be three Blue-headed Wagtails (breeding birds), a couple of  Barnacle Geese, a Greenshank and a Ruddy Turnstone as well as a lone Golden Plover (no, not the rare one) an two flyby Eurasian Curlews...

 Barnacle Geese

Male Northern Wheatear. On this picture you can see it's a second year bird, because of the brown and worn flight feathers

Blue-headed Wagtail Motacilla flava calling

Jun 15, 2020

Blyth's Reed Warbler number three!!

Yet another Blyth's Reed Warbler. Now at Hamre, Kalandsvannet. Heard it on Saturday evening, but there was so much traffic. Went back on Sunday for this recording. This one has a very slow song...

Jun 11, 2020

Blyth's Reed Warbler in Bergen!!

Since Sunday a Blyh's Reed Warbler is present in Fana, Bergen. The first one for the community. Recorded it with my phone. Hear it on this video

Jun 7, 2020

Greenish Warbler

Bjornard Skjold (who else?) discovered a Greenish Warbler yesterday evening on Skjold, Øygarden. It was still present this morning, singing actively, albeit a bit south of the original spot. Good quality this spring  with yet another new one for me!
Below a video with the characteristic song

Jun 4, 2020

Lesser Yellowlegs

A Lesser Yellowlegs was found yesterday late in the evening at Herdla by Lars-Henrik Jensen and was present today as well. I couldn't go before after work, but due to the rain it was still present when I was there (all alone, by the way). The last one was seen in 2004, also on Herdla.
As a good bonus a Blyth's Reed Warbler was singing as well, that one found by Terje Hansen. I heard it singing shortly on the way to the wader and not on the way back. I think it was raining to hard. May be I'll go back for that one in the weekend...
Further a flyby Spotted Redshank, a Knot, a Turnstone, a few Dunlin's and a Blue-headed Wagtail. Nice afternoon with two new species for the county list with 263 now!
By the way, The Blyth's reed W was not heard again...Lucky I was!

adult Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes

May 30, 2020

Little Egret

A little Egret is present in Bergen at Kviturspollen. It's there since the 14th of May. I saw it on the 18th and yesterday. I didn't get decent pictures, only this distant shot, but at least it's mine.
Further a lot of birding in Bergen, but no shocking things...

distant shot

nice adult Common Gull

alba White Wagtail

first summer (?) Mute Swan

May 14, 2020

Herdla 140520

Free today and tried for Herdla. Quiet, but some quality birds around. Northern Pintail, Pied Wagtail and Wood Sandpiper being the best birds. Further quite a lot Ringed Plovers, Golden Plovers, two Whimbrels and a singing Dunlin...and loads of Norther Wheatears!!

Pied Wagtail Motacilla yarrellii

May 10, 2020

Three-toed Woodpecker and more!!

Kjell Arne Pedersen found a Three-toed Woodpecker on Askøy a couple of weeks ago. Very rare in south-western Norway! It is quite territorial and drumming a lot. Saw it this morning with the help of Kjell Arne, as well as a pair of White-backed Woodpeckers, the male calling and drumming, the female on the nest. Spectaculair morning with these two species together!!
It was of course a new Vestland-species (formerly Hordaland), a total now of 260!

male Three-toed Woodpecker

female White-backed Woodpecker on nest

May 1, 2020


Short trip with Hickman to Flesland Gård produced some Barn Swallows, a female Northern Wheatear and two fine Skylarks.

Apr 18, 2020

Black Grouse on my houselist

I know that Black Grouse is a breeding bird of Løvstakken, one of Bergens seven hills. So I scan every once in a while with my telescope this little mountain. Most of the time I don't see other than passing gulls, but early this morning I saw a male Black Grouse in full courtship, albeit at a great distance. In other words a new bird for my houselist.
Not bad and during the two-and-a-half years we've been living here I have seen and heard some good birds,  among others a flyby Common Moorhen at night, Pine Grosbeak, Green Woodpecker and Black-bellied Dipper all flying by. Other birds that are worth mentioning are Woodcock in the house, Siberian Chiffchaff and Yellow-browed Warbler!!

Apr 7, 2020

King Eider in Bergen

The King Eider, which is present around Bergen for a few years already showed well today at Hylkje within the community border of Bergen (this winter it stays mostly at Osterøy just outside Bergen). It was present in a large group of noisy Common Eiders.
At Unnelandsneset I saw a touch and go male Pied Wagtail. No pic of that one...

Apr 6, 2020

THE Tawny Owl of Bergen

I saw today the well known Tawny Owl at Fjøsanger. Never managed to see it before. The light was not very good due to the harsh sunlight (and moment of the day...)

Feb 17, 2020


This weekend two Firecrests were found at Knarrevik, just outside Bergen. I didn't have time until this morning. After an hour or so searching in bad weather I found them back. Egil and Laila Frantzen and Walter Lemme joined me after a little while. The two birds were calling frequently and although it was impossible to take pictures, they showed rather well every now and then. Without doubt the most beautiful bird of Europe.
Otherwise a (sub)singing Hawfinch this morning in my garden. Yesterday a flyby Peregrine over my house and last week the Hawk Owl of Trengereidåsen. Not many pictures lately though. Bad weather!!

Jan 16, 2020

Glaucous Gulls in Bergen

They are every winter around in Bergen, but it doesn't happen very often that two together visit the centre of Bergen...

one ringed, the other not