Jan 24, 2013

Waiting for weather change

Still freezing. Very quiet conditions, not many birds around. Chaffinch at Hellesøy, Greater Spotted Woodpecker at Alvheim (couldn't find the Dipper). For the rest the usual stuff. Next days promiss a weather change, so may be there will be some movements among birds.

Raven on Ulvøya

Jan 22, 2013

Ice age

Minus 10 and open fresh water becoming scarce. Wildfowl gathering on the few spots left. On Klokkarvannet a group of 45 Whooper Swans together with Mallards,  two Goldeneyes and a Goosander.

Jan 19, 2013

Still freezing

A walk with Hickman at the marinbiological station produced little. Just the usual stuff on the water. At Espeland a Starling and a flock of 11 Wood Pigeons. At Flesland skjæret 13 Common Eiders.

Jan 15, 2013

Bergen birding

Had some things to do at home, but in the afternoon I was out for some municipality birding. Tried and found the Little Grebe at Kvitturspollen. It was hiding itself often, but it came out twice. A Sparrowhawk here as well. On Nordnes 12 Purple Sandpipers and a Willow Tit in my garden as I came home. 

Jan 11, 2013

Beautiful cold weather

Before work a roundabout at Kalandsvannet. A a feeder at Kismul a group of Greenfinches with ten or so Goldfinches between them.
Most of the lake frozen, no sign of the Smew.

Goldfinch and Blackbird

Jan 6, 2013

Another Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Anne and I made three hours walk with Hickman from Tjeldstø via Alvheim and Skjold back to Tjeldstø (Nordsjøløpet).
Not very many birds, but a Goshawk and a Peregrine around storevannet near Alvheim and yet another Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (remains of last autumn's invasion?) at Skjold made it a bit nice though. Two Chaffinches present there as well. Back at Tjeldstø four Whistling Swans an a small group of Crossbills flying by.
By the way, we managed to miss White-tailed Eagle today!

Jan 5, 2013

Drab Herdla

Herdla was wet today with an ongoing drizzle and no wind. The two Tundra Bean Geese still present together with 15 Greylags. Further a Greater Scaup, a flyby Goldfinch, an out-of-season Meadow Pipit and three Slavonian Grebes. At Abedissen a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker flew alongside my car and a Goshawk gave short views.
On the way back a short visit to Nygårdspark produced about ten Hawfinches present.

Jan 4, 2013

Iceland Gull

Day off in the new year, so I birded a bit around Bergen. Northern Pintail, Great Grey Shrike at Kalandsvannet and this Iceland Gull at Os being the highlights.

first winter Iceland Gull