Mar 10, 2023

Twitching Moorhen in full-winter-Bergen

 Common Moorhen is really a rare bird in Bergen (or even in this county). So I went to see this   one....further cold and lots of snow...have to wait for spring...

Common Moorhen


Tufted Duck

these two Wood Pigeons don't wait for spring

Mar 3, 2023

Low bird activity, other things in the sky


Little bird activity this winter, at least where I go. So I have to see for other thing in the skies. I was lucky in Hemsedal (family ski holiday) to see aurora borealis on the 28th of February. Besides that Both Venus and Jupiter showed very well on the 2nd of March😊

Venus (upper) and Jupiter

Jan 2, 2023

First good bird of the year (and in Bergen): Red Kite

 After a period of family visits and working I really needed to go out and look for the first birds of 2023. First I had a stroll with Hickman at the biological station (which produced a Black Guillemot). After that I wanted to check kviturspollen for Little Grebes. Just before I arrived there I saw a large, slender raptor flying over the area. I saw without binoculars that it was a kite. I had to park and check the bird. Still in the car I saw through my bins it was a Red Kite, but it was gliding and flying fast with deep wingbeats. I choosed to take pictures while still in the car, before the bird disappeared behind the trees. It all took about 15 seconds I guess, but I had pictures!! Sorry for the quality, but you can see it is a Red Kite😀. I searched a little while afterwards, but it had gone...

Record shots of the Red Kite. You can see the deeply forked and long tail, long wings and the white fields on the undersides of the primaries, as well as the light feathers on the upper wing...