Jul 30, 2013

Herdla, more White-winged Crossbills!

Rain, a few waders and a few White-winged Crossbills today on Herdla. 4 of these in the trees near the bunkers, no males between them. They were quite noisy and I managed to make a record shot of one of the birds.
Further a Ruddy Turnstone, a Little Sandpiper, two Dunlins, two Greenshanks, a Bar-tailed Godwit some 20 Common Snipes and quite a few Ringed Plovers. A Peregrine present as well. Wader season is coming!

One of four White-winged Crossbills

Jul 28, 2013

Quiet (on the birding front)

Mostly busy with family. Not many reports of rare birds lately, but heard a flyby Two-barred Crossbill in a group of crossbills (Loxia sp) with it's typical trumpeter- call. The last few weeks quite a lot of crossbills are coming in. Could well be that there are more Two-barred involved, but I can not identify them if they don't trumpet...