Nov 22, 2015

Cold weather, garden birds

Very nice, cold weather and birds coming to my garden. A few days ago I had a group of twelve Goldfinches and today a few Yellowhammers in the neighbourhood...Otherwise Bramblings all over the place

male Yellowhammer, click on pic for better result

Nov 4, 2015

A good day for auks in Bergen

After night-shift I took one of my regular tours at the Biological Station with Hickman (off course). Had two Little Auks, one of which was captured by a Grey Heron, but it got away. Further a Black Guillemot in winter plumage. It was swimming and diving too far away for any pics. This one was a new Bergen species for me! In the marshes a Water Rail was calling frequently. Not bad at all for a morning walk!

one of the two Little Auks