Jul 24, 2021

Holiday in Denmark

 In July we were on RΓΈmΓΈ, Denmark. RΓΈmΓΈ is the southernmost wadden-isle of the country. No serious birding, but the island holds some nice breeding species, such as Little Tern and Kentish Plover. Both species are protected. Saw a total of 108 species during the holiday. One wetland produced good numbers of waders (beautiful Spotted Redshanks amongst others), a lot more than I am used to these days. Distant views though...πŸ˜‘

Little Tern

some 25 Kentish Plovers

the protected area

Ringed Plover with pullus

Listen to some sound recordings below

πŸ“‘ Little Tern

πŸ“‘ Common Cuckoo

πŸ“‘ Common Linnet

πŸ“‘ Willow Warbler

πŸ“‘ Eurasian Wren

πŸ“‘ Eurasian Blackcap

πŸ“‘ Common Ringed Plover

πŸ“‘ Lesser Whitethroat (song)

πŸ“‘ Lesser Whitethroat (call)

πŸ“‘ Eurasian Wren

πŸ“‘ Yellowhammer