Sep 30, 2021

30th of September Øygarden

 At last out again to Herdlevær and Turøy. Lots of birds, but nothing out of the ordinary. A Merlin and a Grey Wagtail were nice, but further only the usual suspects with lots of Bramblings, thrushes and the like. A pipit on Turøy that behaved suspect turned out to be a Tree Pipit, nicely skulking and tail pumping as it should. Two House Sparrows were new for Turøy for me, they are rare there...

Sep 17, 2021

first autumn visit Turøy

 Had a walk on Turøy before work. Not many birds, but always nice to be on Turøy and always something possible. The weather was fine, but the only birds worth mentioning were a flyby Grey Wagtail, three Chiffchaffs (collybita), three migrating Dunnocks and a migrating Tree Pipit. This last one I recorded well (use headphones)

🎤Tree Pipit

🎤 Goldcrest

Sep 16, 2021

gentle rain on Herdlevær

 Tuesday free, so I decided to go to Herdlevær. On the 16th of September autumn migration should be in full swing and so it was today. A continuous, gentle rain produced rather a lot of birds "on the ground". Best bird was a Western Yellow Wagtail (I think a first-winter flava) together with a group of Meadow Pipits. Further lots of Fieldfares, a few Redwings, Song Thrushes, 4 Goldfinches, Linnets and Twites. A Blackcap, one Willow Warbler and three Chiffchaffs on the Phylloscopus- front and a flyby Merlin was quite a long time ago for me. Waders included a few Golden Plovers, a Grey Plover and a Common Sand Plover, all flyby's.

🎤 Western Yellow Wagtail