Nov 21, 2021

Rook in Bergen

Saw a nice Rook at Langegården, Fjøsanger today (only my second for Bergen). Rook is one of my favorites. It has a distinguished personality, I think...Had a quick twitch of this young bird that flew a lot. Not the best pictures

first calendar year Rook

Nov 15, 2021

Glaucous Gull

 Very bad weather today, but on the way back after corona-testing downtown I heard a Bohemian Waxwing and this afternoon a Glaucous Gull was at Tveitevannet. Born this year, so a new bird...

Nov 12, 2021


 Yesterday I visited the Hoopoe on Nautnes, Øygarden. Scarce bird in these surroundings and only my second for the province. Many visitors for this bird the last few days...quite understandable. Hoopoe is after all a feel-good-bird😊

Sadly, the Ring-necked Duck at the Tjeldstø reserve seemed to be gone and I neither saw the Yellow-legged Gull on Dåvøy...

Nov 9, 2021

Little Egret on Herdla

I was interested in the Taiga Bean Geese on Herdla, so I went there before work on monday. I saw the two birds at a distance together with two Pink-footed Geese in a group of Greylags. Further I got very much a winter feeling with birds like Red-necked Grebe, three Slavonian Grebes, the usual Velvet Scoters, Common Scoters and a Long-tailed Duck and otherwise the songbirds gone...

On the way back I saw together with Egil and Laila Frantzen and Ottar Osaland a fine Little Egret, which flew from the reserve to Lamøy and sat most of the time far away, too far for decent pictures. Below a record shot through my scope...

record shot with the grey lore just visible (not a Snowy egret)

Long-necked and long-billed geese with the lower mandible flat creating a typical fabalis profile
Besides that a lot of orange on the bill.