Nov 9, 2021

Little Egret on Herdla

I was interested in the Taiga Bean Geese on Herdla, so I went there before work on monday. I saw the two birds at a distance together with two Pink-footed Geese in a group of Greylags. Further I got very much a winter feeling with birds like Red-necked Grebe, three Slavonian Grebes, the usual Velvet Scoters, Common Scoters and a Long-tailed Duck and otherwise the songbirds gone...

On the way back I saw together with Egil and Laila Frantzen and Ottar Osaland a fine Little Egret, which flew from the reserve to Lam√ły and sat most of the time far away, too far for decent pictures. Below a record shot through my scope...

record shot with the grey lore just visible (not a Snowy egret)

Long-necked and long-billed geese with the lower mandible flat creating a typical fabalis profile
Besides that a lot of orange on the bill.

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