May 24, 2023

European Serin but no Pallas's Bunting

Today I wanted to visit the Pallas's Bunting on Utsira. As I drove from Bergen I didn't get any updates from Utsira. After a while it became cleat that IT WAS GONE👿

But yesterday a Serin was discovered at Vågedalen on Sveio in Vestland. New species for me for Norway and of course the county. As it was along the road to Haugesund, I twitched it today and took some sound recordings. Afterwards I waited in the harbour of Haugesund for news about the bunting, but it was really gone...alas

🎤 European Serin

🎤 European Serin

The song has clearly two parts, the first being a high pitched 'sisisisisi', directly followed by the even higher pitched second part, the more well known jangling or crackling, rapid notes.

May 21, 2023

Pied Flycatcher and Garden Warbler Bergen (and Mandarin Ducks)

 Due to work and some personal things not much time to go out. Recorded these birds lately. A Pied Flycatcher at Christieparken (first time for me there) and a Garden Warbler at the Marinbiological Station. Also a pair of Grey Wagtails having a nest at Christieparken, as in other years. Very noisy alarming bird...

Hope to get out a bit more soon!

🎤 Pied Flycatcher

🎤 Garden Warbler

🎤 Grey Wagtail

these two were present at Midtun skole. C-species, beautiful though