Mar 28, 2024

around Bergen

 The day off and home alone. I took the opportunity to visit northern and eastern Bergen. I began at Sæterstølen, where to Green Woodpeckers called a lot. I didn't see them though. Here also a pair of Willow Tits (a little bit of pishing made them very curious) and a singing Hawfinch. Then I visited Garnes where a Black-headed Gull and three Velvet Scoters were present. Unneland was very quiet. At Kalandsvannet one of the two returned Red-throated Divers was present as well as a small group of Meadow Pipits. I hoped to see the Golden Eagles that usually are around Gullfjellet, so I drove the long road through Bontveitdalen without seeing them. Instead I found a Mistle Thrush at Hausdalen. I was with some other thrushes (Fieldfares and Red-winged) feeding on the fields. But it quickly disappeared in the trees, where I saw it shortly. After that I couldn't find it again. Nice anyhow. On the way home I drove along Nesttunvannet where to pairs of Teal were present...

a nice pair of Willow Tits showed very well at Sæterstølen

Mar 24, 2024

a cold but beautiful day

 Went for a short visit to Flesland gård. It was beautiful cloudless weather, but the northern wind made it feel quite cold. No silent birds today. All of them showed lust for life. There were 17 Greylag Geese on the fields and a few migrating birds. On the airstrips two Ringed Plovers were flying around. Further a good deal of migrating Blackbirds, Fieldfares, a Song Thrush, Meadow Pipit, heard only White Wagtail (or yarrellii) and a Goldfinch.

And a Dipper was at Fana kulturpark😊

Mar 7, 2024

a little bit of spring on Herdla

 Yesterday I visited Herdla for the first time this year. Nice, but cold walk around the reserve. It gave a bit of a spring feeling with all the (sometimes displaying) Lapwings, Oystercatchers, the first Ringed Plovers and singing Sky Larks. Otherwise a Greater White fronted Goose fabalis and an early Bar-tailed Godwit...

fabalis Greater White-fronted Goose

one of the 25 or so Oystercatchers

Earlier in the week I recorded a singing Hawfinch in Christieparken with the Song Meter Touch- app on my phone. The app is meant to record nature sounds. Quite good quality. It proves handy if you don't have the normal recorder with shotgun microphone with you (which is quite often...). Below you can hear the result.

🎤 Hawfinch