Apr 27, 2012

Great Crested Grebe and Black-throated Diver

Twitched the Great Crested Grebe on Kalandsvannet today. A quite scarce species in Hordaland and new for my Bergen list. Three Red-throated  and a Black-throated Diver today svimming and diving. The last decade of april seems to be the best time for divers on this lake (had a Black-throated Diver two years ago on the same spot).

poor shot of the Great Crested Grebe 

Apr 18, 2012

Lindås and Øygarden

A day off. Early trip to Lindås to find woodpeckers. Succeeded at Kjenes with two White-backed Woodpeckers, two Lesser Spotted, a Greater Spotted and two Green. All high up in the trees, but highly vocal.
Later I drove to Øygarden to try some migrant birds. At Tjeldstø four Teals, two Barn Swallows, a Green Sandpiper and a Redshank. Tried the reported Gadwalls at Alvheim, but couldn't find them. Finished the day with a Northern Wheatear at Breivik and a Kestrel at Ågotnes. Not bad...
Yesterday I got the good news that the Radde's Warbler I saw in november on Turøy has been accepted by the Norwegian rarities committee (NSKF)!!

Greylag Goose at Tjeldstø

Apr 12, 2012

Flesland Gård

Flesland Gård is a noisy place, but it couldn't prevent the birds from singing today. Best bird was a Mistle Thrush, flying around in the trees in the northernmost part of the gård, while frequently calling. Also a Tree Sparrow here. Real spring feeling with one Chiffchaff, three Dunnocks, two Redwings, two Song Thrushes, two Skylarks and a lot of Greenfiches, Chaffinches and Robins.
At Fleslandskjeret a Eurasian Curlew and six Common Eiders present.

Apr 9, 2012

feeders still popular

On the Kismul side of Kalandsvannet lots of birds around the feeders. Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Yellowhammer most prominent. Also Wren, Siskin and Long-tailed Tit present.
At Kalandsvannet two Red-throated Divers, two Reed Buntings, two Common Snipes, a White-tailed Eagle and a Linnet.

Male Yellowhammer

Great Tit

Apr 8, 2012


Anne and I had made plans for a skiing trip to Jotunheimen this Easter. We stayed at Fondsby hytte and made some nice day trips. Lots of snow (and ice, which made conditions difficult) and good weather. I am still learning to descend the steep hills on langrennski...  I managed to break a rib. But Rock Ptarmigan and Willow Grouse made it worth while. The other birds being Raven and six Twite.