Jan 22, 2016

Little Bunting in Bergen

A Little Bunting is present at the same feeder as the Rofous Turtle Dove frequents. Saw it already yesterday, but managed only today to get a picture of this shy and skulking individual. New bird for Hordaland and Bergen. Hordaland is doing very well this winter so far...

Little Buntins

Jan 20, 2016

Pine Bunting

Rare and difficult to get: Pine Bunting. These days one male is staying in Hordaland in Aga, north of Odda. Twitched it today with Lars Ågren. The bird showed well, though we had to keep a bit of distance. The photo's are not the best, but show the characters well. It was a new species for Norway for me.
At the same time, a Little Bunting was reported in Bergen on the same spot as where the Oriental Turtle Dove is staying. We were some 15 minutes too late. Try it tomorrow!
Click on the pics for better views.

male Pine Bunting

Jan 17, 2016

Oriental Turtle Dove still present

Still lots of birds present at Espeland, Blomsterdalen in beautiful weather today. Some 30 Wood Pigeons, 20 Collared Doves and the Oriental Turtle Dove present, as well as lots of House Sparrows and other small stuff.
At the biological station a Treecreeper and 7 Mute Swans. At Flesland a Rock Pipit and also two Mute Swans.

Oriental Turtle Dove

Collared Dove

House Sparrow, photographed last week

House Sparrow, photographed last week

one of the Mute Swans, present at the Biological station

Jan 4, 2016


A true rarity in Hordaland, Kingfisher. Saw it today at Lone on Osterøy! New one for Hordaland for me.
Further goodies were Oriental Turtle Dove, King Eider and Iceland Gull, all three present for a long time at their known spots. Also worth mentioning is a Water Rail, calling back the biological station near Espeland. Not bad on the 4th of january.

record shot of the Kingfisher, click for better views