Apr 28, 2021

Tame Caipercaillie at Flaktveit

Nice and tame Caipercaillie female in Bergen. This time at Flaktveit. Tame and curious bird, watching people play hockey...click on the images for best result 


Apr 24, 2021

Pink-footed Goose Flesland

 This morning a quick check at Flesland gård. Found a Pink-footed Goose along with 24 Greylags. Not that common in Bergen. Further spring migrants as Northern Wheatear, Twite, Common Linnet and three Eurasian Golden plovers...

Pink-footed Goose on the fields of Flesland gård

In Bergen Flesland is one of the beste places to hear Skylark sing. You have to be there early morning, before the planes start to fly, though. Listen below to one of the birds.

📡  Eurasian Skylark

Apr 18, 2021

Greater Scaup

 Today's photogenic female Greater Scaup at Tveitevannet. This morning up to three displaying Black Grouse on Løvstakken visible through the scope from my house

Greater Scaup

extreme record shot through the scope of one of the Black Grouse

Apr 16, 2021