Jun 22, 2011


Meadow Pipit
Had a short evening trip to Øygarden yesterday evening. Tried my luck at Svellingen (bad time, bad light). And... after only five minutes two Pomarine Skuas flew by, heading north (new for Norway for me). Rather late passage, I presume. Had a stroll at Breivik, but not much activity.

Jun 13, 2011

a night at nordhordaland

Yesterday with Håvard Husebø to Lindås and Radøy. We started early (about 20:00). Even though there were lots of Grasshopper Warblers reported, as well as a Marsh Warbler,  we couldn't find them (it rained on Radøy). There seem to breed Long-eared Owls on Radøy as well, but we could not find them either.
But it was a nice trip anyhow with five Sedge Warblers, the known Great Reed Warbler, a Spotted Crake (which was new fot Hordaland for me), some nice Otters and at Gaupås at last a Grasshopper Warbler and a Corncrake.

Jun 7, 2011


Quiet today. The only sighting worth mentioning is of a flock of Barnacles, quite late...

Jun 5, 2011


Great Skua
Another one

 Tour du Nord with Anne: relaxing, touring, a bit of hiking and sightseeing in More og Romsdal. Very nice landscapes. The fjords seem beautiful, but Oh so misleading that is...there is nothing, no life, no birds, only death (birdwise, that is...). A short visit to Runde to compensate. Nice skuas, but most birds too distant to get pics.