Oct 31, 2019

More Pine Grosbeaks

A really big invasion is going on with these birds. Today at Smøråsfjellet a group of four and a group of 10 and really confiding, although most of them only rest for a short period. Haven't got THE picture yet...in the afternoon I had three birds flying over my house to the north!

confiding birds

Oct 29, 2019

Pine Grosbeaks on the move

Currently there is a big influx of Pine Grosbeaks going on around Bergen. Yesterday I had 2 flyby's at Herdlevær and today I found a group og 32 birds here in Bergen.
Frode Falkenberg reported 152 birds passing today at Løvstakken. They have to fly over my house as well. Very spectacular!! Below not the best pictures (had to park the car, walk back and had strong light against...), but anyhow, I won't complain.
Last week I had a Siberian Chiffchaff at Turøy, which moved too quick to get decent pictures. It called 4-5 times: the well-known high-pitched and plaintive "pseep"!

female, male and a part of the group

Oct 23, 2019

Ring-necked Duck

On Sunday a male Ring-necked Duck was found by Bjornard Skjold on Husvatnet, Tjeldstø. I didn't have a possibility on Sunday and the following days it wasn't reported. However, today Julian Bell saw the bird again. So I took a shot. Still present, albeit a few minutes after I arrived. Luck!
New bird for Hordaland for me and only my second in Norway. Finally I saw something rare too this autumn after many trips on Herdlevær and Turøy...

record shot of immature (second calander-year) Ring-necked Duck

I have also visited hy homeland some weeks ago for a short period and did some birding with my brother, not finding anything big, but saw three Firecrests and five Long-eared Owls, both not common in Norway.

Long-eared Owl. photo's by Sybrand de Bruin