Jul 22, 2023

Thailand intermezzo

 In July we had a family visit to Thailand. My father-in-law had his 80th birthday, so we visited him in a few weeks. No birding, but kept binoculars with me all the time. Most birding in the garden, around the hotel and on tourist spots...

We stayed one week around Chiang Mai in the north, where my father-in-law lives and one week at Khao Lak on the peninsula. Not the best time of the year; it was wet season and breeding season. We had a good deal rain, mostly short, strong showers. I managed to see 31 new species, all common ones😊

Ashy Woodswallow

Common Myna

Ornate Sunbird

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Streak-eared Bulbul

Zebra Dove