Jan 30, 2014

Black-throated Thrush in Bergen

This bird was found in a garden on Eidsv√•gneset in Bergen. National rarity,  good garden bird and new for me (Norway, Hordaland and Bergen). It had to be seen and photographed through the window of a very nice lady's house. Present since monday. But is was not before today that Frode Falkenberg was contacted and so the news was spread...

first winter female Black-throated Thrush Turdus atrogularis

Jan 29, 2014

Another try

This afternoon to Kvitturspollen and Flesland again. Succes with both Little Grebe and Iceland Gull!!

glaucoides Iceland Gull

Jan 27, 2014

Around Flesland on monday

After a busy nightshift weekend I had the chance to look for the Iceland Gull for my Bergen year list. Off course I did not find it. The Tundra Bean Goose Anser serrirostris was still present. This bird I saw on friday as a flyby and was found later at Flesland by Terje Hansen.
Tried for the Little Grebe at Kvitturspollen as well, but this bird I couldn't find neither. Earlier on the day I saw six Waxwings at Nedre Natland, as well as eight Bramblings...

Tundra Bean Goose

Jan 24, 2014


So far this year not very much special. Typical winter...
But today during a morning walk with the family, I first had brief views of a White-winged Crossbill (together with some ten Mealy Redpolls) in Paradis and then a flyby Bean Goose over Nedre Nattland. The latter was seen just a few minutes before over Minde by Frode Falkenberg and, incredibly, later on seen and photographed by Terje Hansen on Flesland!!! Bean Goose is rare in Bergen!