Apr 18, 2020

Black Grouse on my houselist

I know that Black Grouse is a breeding bird of Løvstakken, one of Bergens seven hills. So I scan every once in a while with my telescope this little mountain. Most of the time I don't see other than passing gulls, but early this morning I saw a male Black Grouse in full courtship, albeit at a great distance. In other words a new bird for my houselist.
Not bad and during the two-and-a-half years we've been living here I have seen and heard some good birds,  among others a flyby Common Moorhen at night, Pine Grosbeak, Green Woodpecker and Black-bellied Dipper all flying by. Other birds that are worth mentioning are Woodcock in the house, Siberian Chiffchaff and Yellow-browed Warbler!!

Apr 7, 2020

King Eider in Bergen

The King Eider, which is present around Bergen for a few years already showed well today at Hylkje within the community border of Bergen (this winter it stays mostly at Osterøy just outside Bergen). It was present in a large group of noisy Common Eiders.
At Unnelandsneset I saw a touch and go male Pied Wagtail. No pic of that one...

Apr 6, 2020

THE Tawny Owl of Bergen

I saw today the well known Tawny Owl at Fjøsanger. Never managed to see it before. The light was not very good due to the harsh sunlight (and moment of the day...)