Dec 18, 2010

Didn't have much time the last few months; a lot of working and bad weather. Currently feeding birds in my garden. Not much variation however. Blue Tits, Great tits, Blackbirds and Nuthatch.
And sometimes nice views from our house over Nordåsvannet and in the background Sotra...

Nov 7, 2010

not even the first snow

This is already the second time snow is falling in Bergen, all too early! Abdullah agrees. Anyhow not much time to bird.

Oct 24, 2010


Afternoon on Turøy. The usual with Mealy Redpolls, Waxwings, a Blackcap and a Grey-headed Woodpecker.

Hernar 23 okt

23 october 2010: my first visit to Hernar. Had a full day with Håvard Husebø on this tiny island between Øygarden and Fedje. We didn't find rare birds, but it was quite OK with several Waxwings, two Woodcock, a group of 25 Jackdaw (!) flying over, a few Chiffchaffs and a Blackcap. Mealy Redpolls (some with much white on the rump), Blue Tits and Wrens all over the place. The redpolls were all too nervous to get good views...
And off course White-tailed Eagles. On "mainland" Øygarden several hundreds of waxwing and Fieldfare.

Oct 21, 2010

Herdla 20 oktober

Went out today with Håvard Husebø, Terje Hansen and Egil Frantzen to Herdla. In fact the first wintertrip with snow! We saw the same stuff as usual with Goldfinch, Jack Snipe, Lapland Longspur, Barnacle Goose, several Waxwings and Mealy Redpolls being worth to mention.
At home I had a Nutcracker flying by. It was a new species for my house-list.

Oct 15, 2010



Today an afternoon trip to Herdla. Beautiful autumn weather, but (as a result) rather quiet, but Waxwings were on the move, with 75 flying by. Also a Goldfinch, which is rather scarce in Hordaland. Further 4 Slavonian Grebes, a Jacksnipe , Grey Wagtail, Treecreeper, Bullfinch and to Nutcrackers at Ravnanger, Askøy. No Richards Pipit!!!!

Oct 11, 2010

Today spent a couple of hours on Breivik and Herdlevær. Not bad with a fly by Red-throated Pipit (has to be submitted to the local rarities committee), Waxwing and quite a lot of Common Redpolls. Also no less than five Mistle Thrush.

Two pics of Common Redpoll flammea. Grey birds with white wingbars and rather white rump. These days Arctic Redpolls are also being reported! Hope to find one soon.


Anne and I spent the weekend on Utsira. It was loaded with birds, at least on friday and saturday. On friday no less than four(!!!) Red-flanked Bluetails were found and on saturday (possibly) a new one.

On friday we arrived 17:30. Before dark I managed to see Little Bunting, Great Grey Shrike, RFB and Red-breasted Flycatcher. On saturday another RFB and an Olive-backed Pipit just before dark. The latter gave just short views.

On saturday a Bairds Sandpiper was reported in Jæren. Hot bird in Norway and for the majority of the hardcore twitchers a new bird, so what to do with the provided ferry schedules. No problem. A novelty for the norwegian twitching scene: helicopter! Both on saturday and sunday the listers made it to Jæren and back, succesfully.

Oct 6, 2010

A second-day twitch in steady rain for the White Stork on Lindås. It was resting on a wet, wet rubbish dump. WS is a rarity in Norway (I'm from a country where you don't twitch this species...). Anyhow, a new bird for my norwegian list.
Got a Black-bellied Dipper (the national norwegian bird) on the way back near Gullfjellet. A ring is visible on the left leg.

Sep 30, 2010

Today a fine day on Øygarden with beautiful autumnweather and lots of birds on the move. No pics, but huge numbers of Brambling, Blue Tit, Meadow Pipit and thrushes flying by. Worth mentioning are a Grey Wagtail and to Reed Buntings over Breivik, a Bullfinch on Skogsøy, 10 Tree Sparrows and to Treecreepers on Turøy.
At home a few Goldcrests, Long-tailed Tits and a Chiffchaff.

Sep 29, 2010

Pied Flycatcher


Did have some hours free today, so I visited Turøy. Lots of bird present. Best birds were Yellow-browed Warbler and Common Redstart. Besides these to a Chiffchaff, Pied Flycatcher and a few Goldcrests. The YBW was chased away by a Chiffchaff; sorry, no pics!

Sep 25, 2010

White Wagtail Motacilla alba

Went out today with Håvard Husebø og Terje Hansen to do some birding on Øygarden. The 25th of september is surely a day to find some nice birds, but...
Strong wind from the northeast and clear blue skies made it difficult today. We managed to find two Treecreepers, two Garden Warblers, a Blackcap and two Jays. Also a Water Rail on Turøy.
Expected a bit more, but the wind and cloudless skies made supposedly a lot of birds leave south.

Sep 22, 2010


To Geenland White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons flavirostris today on Herdla


One of the birds. Note large orange bill and relatively dark head.