Oct 31, 2021

Stock Dove

Stock Dove is rare in Hordaland. Today I could twitch my first one for Hordaland on Herdla. A tame bird was showing well on the main road through the reserve.

Other birds were a flyby Peregrine, a Snow Bunting, two Red-throated Divers, a Black-throated Diver and a Horned Grebe. I couldn't find the Richard's Pipit which was present the last few days...

Oct 29, 2021

Common Pochard in Bergen

 Today I could do the Common Pochard on Skranevatnet in Bergen, only my third for  the municipality...

female Common Pochard

Mute Swan has become a common bird in Bergen

Oct 11, 2021


 A small window of dry and quiet weather between heavy rainfall produced lots of (flying) birds on Turøy this morning. Hundreds of Redwings, Blackbirds and Fieldfares. Also a calling Yellow-browed Warbler, ten Common Chiffchaffs and some Bramblings. Otherwise a female Grey-headed Woodpecker, a Common Reed Bunting and a Lappland Bunting, both migrating (below a rather bad documentation of the latter...).

A quick visit to Flesland and the biological station produced a Jack Snipe and a Grey Wagtail...

🎤Lapland Bunting

Oct 9, 2021

the Netherlands: a week in October

 My daughter and I travelled to Groningen in the Netherlands last week for a family visit. Due to Covid-19 restrictions it was two years since our last visit. I could get out a few times to do some birding with my brother and friend Lazar Brinkhuizen.

It was not very good, but entertaining birdwise...below an impression.

nice Firecrest

European Stonechat

adult Yellow-legged Gull

detail of the primaries showing black band on p5. Note
that p 10 and 9 are still growing...

The two last photo's of YLG ar my brother Sybrand's. Off course I did some sound recording as well. Listen below

Oct 2, 2021

Yellow-browed Warblers off course

 Today at Espeland I heard two Yellow-browed Warblers while walking with Hickman. Not unexpected, I would say. Below not the best sound recording, but you can hear both birds and watch the sonogram. Further a flyby Goshawk there and a quick stop at Flesland gård produced a Black-headed Gull!

🎤 Yellow-browed Warblers