Oct 9, 2016

Hawk Owl

There is a big invasion going on of Hawk Owls in southern Norway. Didn't see them so far, but today two showed well on Radøy!

one of the two Hawk Owls

Oct 5, 2016

YBW still present

The Yellow-browed Warbler was (as it was yesterday) today present i my garden!

Yellow-browed Warbler again

Oct 3, 2016

Yellow-browed Warbler again!

After I heard one Yellow-browed Warbler FROM my house two weeks ago, I had one IN my garden today!! It called only once...The fourth in my neighbourhood this year so far!

Oct 2, 2016


After a week of very bad weather, a nice day with lots of sunshine. Went out to Herdlevær for two hours of birding. The nets were out and I missed on a new Little Bunting, but I got this nice autumn gem. Don't see it that often in the hand...

Yellow- browed Warbler