Apr 18, 2012

Lindås and Øygarden

A day off. Early trip to Lindås to find woodpeckers. Succeeded at Kjenes with two White-backed Woodpeckers, two Lesser Spotted, a Greater Spotted and two Green. All high up in the trees, but highly vocal.
Later I drove to Øygarden to try some migrant birds. At Tjeldstø four Teals, two Barn Swallows, a Green Sandpiper and a Redshank. Tried the reported Gadwalls at Alvheim, but couldn't find them. Finished the day with a Northern Wheatear at Breivik and a Kestrel at Ågotnes. Not bad...
Yesterday I got the good news that the Radde's Warbler I saw in november on Turøy has been accepted by the Norwegian rarities committee (NSKF)!!

Greylag Goose at Tjeldstø

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