Jan 3, 2022

the new year

 During the holidays I worked both Christmas and the new year weekend as well as the days in between. As a result I couldn't attend the nyttårskryss, the traditional three-days birding race in Hordaland. But, just before picking up my family on Flesland airport I had a little window of birding around Flesland. Then someone reported a Great Northern Diver at the marinbiological station. Off course I tried for it, but instead of finding a diver I saw a young Black Guillemot, which is rare in Bergen as well. This bird was quickly seen by Terje Hansen, Jørn Opsal and a few others. Afterwards it became clear that this guillemot was reported as Great Northern Diver. Hm...

Just before I went to work a Great Egret was found at Kalandsvannet. A new bird for Bergen (for me). This morning it was still present and I saw it. Bird nr 191 for Bergen😊

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