May 17, 2024

Quick twitch on wednesday, beautiful White-backed Woodpecker on friday

Warm and nice weather, but also working. On Wednesday Eirik Adolfsen found a subalpine warbler on Herdlevær. It was skulky, but steady. I had only a couple of hours before work and drove from Bergen. At the spot the bird was still difficult, but after some 20 minutes it showed itself. It was a pale, female bird. I studied it for some ten minutes, before I had to go home again, not knowing which species it was, but later on the day pictures showed the tail pattern with a lot of white on T5 nailing the bird to be a Eastern Subalpine Warbler Curruca cantillans. Good work , Eirik!

foto's by Stein Rune Risa

On friday I made an easy walk at Kismul, resulting in the usual suspects as Garden Warbler and Icterine Warbler, but also a showy male White-backed Woodpecker. Not often this species is showing itself like this to me!

male White-backed Woodpecker

🎤White-backed Woodpecker call

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