Feb 5, 2017

Bergen birding

Last week I was home "sick" with a hurt shoulder. Painful, but it didn't keep me from birding. Nice weather and nice birds in Bergen community: Hawk Owl, King Eider, a pair of Tundra Bean Geese and a Common Pochard being best. Furthermore A Rough-legged Buzzard at ├ůsane, eight Purple Sandpipers at Flesland and a flyby Hawfinch at Stadped.

Jan 22, 2017

Short-eared Owl at last

I have always missed on Short-eared Owl in Hordaland. The last few winters one was reported at Flesland. Recently, even two are reported regularly, flying around at the airport.
Missed it until today! After trying five times this week I finally saw one of them today, flying for a short period. This is species nr 250 for Hordaland and nr 175 for Bergen!
Also, the two Tundra Bean Geese still present at the golf course at Fana...

Jan 13, 2017

Hawk Owl in Bergen

This winter there are a few about in Bergen. I saw this one today at Flesland airport.

Dec 29, 2016

White-fronted Goose new for Bergen

Not much birding lately due to working and lack of daylight, but today I could twitch White-fronted Goose for my Bergen list. A group of 24 nominate birds was present at Milde.

White-fronted Goose albifrons

Dec 2, 2016

California november 2016

In november we travelled southern California. We hired a RV and drove from San Francisco to San Francisco, roughly through Yosemite, Mojave and Joshua Tree deserts, San Diego and the Californian coast back. It was a family holiday and the birding was great; the avian highlight was a visit to Santa Cruz! 75 lifers and some 175 species during the trip.
Saw the two endemics Yellow-billed Magpie and Island Scrub Jay. Managed also to see Californian Gnatcatcher, Scripp's Murrelet, thousands of Black-vented Shearwaters and Cassin's Auklet. And of course Greater Roadrunner.
Commonest birds were Acorn WoodpeckerWhite-throated Sparrow, Audubon's Warbler (extremely abundant), Eurasian StarlingHouse Sparrow and House Finch.

Under a few highlights with more under the world button!

Greater Roadrunner


Island Scrub Jay

Yellow-billed Magpie

California Scrub Jay

White-crowned Sparrow

Western (left) and Clark's Grebe

Black-throated Sparrow

Black Oystercatcher

Brandt's Cormorant

Glaucous-winged Gull

Herman's Gull

Hermit Thrush

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Northern Elephant Seal

Sea Otter

Harbour Seal