Jul 27, 2014


Last week only som walks in the neighbourhood, ie Nattland. Tried to find some butterflies, but the variety is very low. Have to try other areas I guess. Many White's (Green-veined and Small most of them) and a few Small Coppers, Arran Browns and Large Wall Browns...

Small Copper, Ildsgullvinge Lycaena phlaeas

Jul 10, 2014

Demoiselle Crane

On the road through southern Norway to Denmark for a family holiday. The report of a Demoiselle Crane near Larvik changed the route. Saw it on monday. Good bird, I think, as do lots of other birders. At the time of writing this post, the bird has gone. The evening spent in Kristiansand on the 10th produced a calling European Nightjar at Holskogen, another new one for my Norwegian list. Otherwise no birding. Picture taken by Anne with a small lens.

I like butterflies also as do many other birders; they fly, migrate and get lost once in a while. In the Netherlands I was used to a real twitching culture...Numbers in Norway, especially Hordaland, are low compared to warmer areas, but this summer the weather is extremely good, so may be I'll find some more species than the numerous Pieris-species. So far I have seen a staggering 27 species in Norway...

Scarce Copper/Oransjegullvinge Lycaena virgaureae in Oslo

Arran Brown/Fløyelsringvinge Erebia ligea, also in Oslo

Jun 24, 2014

Great Snipes

Last weekend we made a camping trip with the family and took the opportunity to try Great Snipes at Isdalsvatnet on the Hrdangervidda. We had to walk around for about an hour with the three of us (Anne, Robin and me) through the fields which are good for the species. Finally Anne flushed two birds. We only saw them fly on several occasions. Anyhow, I'll try next year a little bit earlier in the year to see them play.
Further the usual Common Crane, thunbergi Yellow Wagtails, Bluethroats, Twites and Mealy Redpolls.

Jun 8, 2014

Twite and Arctic Tern

Had two new Bergen-species for the year today, both at Espeland. One was -much to my surprise- a Twite (is it breeding?) and the other an Arctic Tern, that flew by and didn't bother the Common Terns sitting on their nests. These two resulting in 133 species so far...Further a couple of singing Garden Warblers, an Eider with four chicks and a Great Spotted Woodpecker with begging young.
A morning walk at Herdla produced nothing interesting, only two flyby Eurasian Curlews are worth mentioning.
Common Redshank at Herdla

Jun 5, 2014

Long-eared Owl at last

Yesterday evening another try for the Long-eared Owl, found by Ola Moen the night before. He heard two young birds calling.
At the locality I would meet Terje Hansen, Anders Bjørdal and Kåre Skarsvaag. We didn't have to wait long before at least one of the birds began calling. It was quite a long distance. Tried to record it, but nothing to hear on the recording, alas. We heard two birds. Further Tawny Owl and two displaying Woodcocks.
Before that I heard one Quail calling infrequently at Mjøs.