Mar 7, 2024

a little bit of spring on Herdla

 Yesterday I visited Herdla for the first time this year. Nice, but cold walk around the reserve. It gave a bit of a spring feeling with all the (sometimes displaying) Lapwings, Oystercatchers, the first Ringed Plovers and singing Sky Larks. Otherwise a Greater White fronted Goose fabalis and an early Bar-tailed Godwit...

fabalis Greater White-fronted Goose

one of the 25 or so Oystercatchers

Earlier in the week I recorded a singing Hawfinch in Christieparken with the Song Meter Touch- app on my phone. The app is meant to record nature sounds. Quite good quality. It proves handy if you don't have the normal recorder with shotgun microphone with you (which is quite often...). Below you can hear the result.

ğŸŽ¤ Hawfinch

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