May 17, 2011

Dutch Birding

Lazar and Dusan Brinkhuizen helping me counting sheep

Was in the Netherlands for the traditional Big Day (team: Jan van der Laan, Leo Heemskerk, Roelof de Beer and I) on the 14th of May. Because of that missed on the Crag Martin on Hernar. The weather was quite good on the week before the 14th, but on the day itself it was bad with lots of wind and it was very cold, so we didn't get a new record. Usualy we manage to see 180+, but this year we had 162 species (and not the 190 or so we were going for). The record is 187 species in 2003. Maybe next year...

Wood Sandpiper
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
Angry Middle Spotted Woodpecker
My brother taking pics og Mute Swan
White Stork
Barn Swallow

Black Redstart

Black Tern
Above a minor impression of some typical dutch species.

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