Jun 19, 2013


The report of a Lanceolated Warbler on Radøy made most part of Bergen birders travel to Toska on Radøy. The bird was found by Ola Moen, a very keen Nordhordaland birder. But it proved to be a River Warbler, which is a good find as well!
We tried to catch it, but didn't succeed. We only heard the bird sing and it was singing a bit fast indeed, reminiscent of a Lanceolated?  However, it did not match the song of that species as it should. Later in the night Jørn Opsal saw the bird quite good and he was able to identify it as a River Warbler.
Thus, a River Warbler with a rapid song. Can imagine that Ola thought it to be a Lanceolated...Checked the website of xenocanto afterwards. It seems that River warbler has a slight variation in speed in the song and that the Toska bird fits River Warbler quite good.
On Lindås at Hopsvannet a Marsh Warbler was present. Marsh Warbler occurs in very low numbers in Hordaland, may be one or two each year (this bird also found by Ola Moen).

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