Sep 10, 2020

Yellow-legged Gull Davøy

 The adult Yellow-legged Gull is still present at Davøy for the third year in succession. It looks very much like a michahellis, but according to some gull specialists there is something wrong with the black at the tip of the wings p5-p10...Indeed, it seems that there is not enough black in the wing for a typical michahellis. Could it be one of the baltic yellow-legged Herring Gulls (formerly omissus?, or a hybrid?) I am not a gull specialist. I think the Norwegian rarity committee has the last word, I don't know if this individual will be accepted...

Nice bird and easy to find with the white head, red orbital ring, big bill, dark upper parts and yellow legs!

Earlier in the morning I found a Rose-coloured Starling between the common ones. I was too slow to get decent pictures. Later on the day it was seen by Terje Hansen and Jørn Opsal as well

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