May 24, 2023

European Serin but no Pallas's Bunting

Today I wanted to visit the Pallas's Bunting on Utsira. As I drove from Bergen I didn't get any updates from Utsira. After a while it became cleat that IT WAS GONE👿

But yesterday a Serin was discovered at Vågedalen on Sveio in Vestland. New species for me for Norway and of course the county. As it was along the road to Haugesund, I twitched it today and took some sound recordings. Afterwards I waited in the harbour of Haugesund for news about the bunting, but it was really gone...alas

🎤 European Serin

🎤 European Serin

The song has clearly two parts, the first being a high pitched 'sisisisisi', directly followed by the even higher pitched second part, the more well known jangling or crackling, rapid notes.

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