Oct 31, 2011

Herdla and Herdlevær

Day off...31 oktober...birding.
Started on Herdla with two Richard's Pipits, a flyby Two-barred Crossbill (a good deal Common Crossbills) and a Little Auk. Got a message while on Herdla about a possible Isabelline Shrike on Herdlevær. It turned out to be a 1st winter Red-backed with a rather reddish tail. Anyhow, nice birding today!

1st winter Red-backed Shrike
Although it has quite a reddish tail, the obvious markings on the upper- and underparts as well as the square-ended tail rule out all other species but Red-backed. On Isabelline one would expect a lighter bird without any barring on the upperparts. On Brown a longer more rounded tail.

one of the two Richard's Pipits on Herdla

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