Nov 2, 2011

Radde's Warbler on Turøy!!!

Today I found a Radde's Warbler on Turøy (a month too late). It skulked around the 'house with the boat in the garden' along the main road to the sea. It was a very obvious and sturdy bird with short wings. Greyish green above, yellowish white below with an obvious supercilium, which was somewhat yellowish in front of the eye and long and white behind, bordered by a dark supracilium. Didn't see the bill well, but  it's legs were light orange- yellow. Most obvious were it's contrastingly buff undertail coverts. I saw it (quite well) four times within half an hour, but couldn't get it on camera. Both Terje Hansen and Egil Frantzen came too late. Searched till dark, but without any luck. Next day a couple of birders from Bergen searched for it without luck, so probably it was gone. But Radde's Warblers can be very skulky (I wonder why it is a phylloscopus. It should be classified as a locustella:))
It is a new species for Hordaland and Norway's most northern find (if accepted).
Further a few Common Chiffchaffs (one in the same garden as the Raddes' Warbler) and the Red-backed Shrike on Herdlevær still present, as well as a Grey-headed Woodpecker. Lots of thrushes and crossbills on the move. Sele had an amazing ten (!) Blackcaps, Herdlevær two and Turøy one. Still something going on.

Grey-headed Woodpecker on Herdlevær

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