Jun 2, 2014

Great Grey and Ural Owl

Last weekend I made a trip to Hedmark and it paid off! Did some birding on my own on saturday evening and on sunday I visited the woods around Elverum together with Jonas Langbråten and Lars Christian Stømner. We found Ural Owl and Great Grey Owl! These birds were both lifers for me.
Further I saw some eastern Norway specialities such as Ortolan Bunting (5), a Treelark,  Red-backed Shrike (a pair) a Black Woodpecker as well as many singing Common Redthroats...
Below some pictures and  a few sound recordings.

female Ural Owl

Great Grey Owl on the nest with at least two juveniles

Not the best photo's as compared to some others on the internet, but anyway...

alarm call of Ural Owl: http://www.xeno-canto.org/180472

singing Ortolan Bunting: http://www.xeno-canto.org/180473 (two birds)

early morning Ring-necked Pheasant (not found in western Norway)

On the way back evening sun at the Hardangervidda

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