Oct 8, 2020

Bearded Reedling at Herdlevær

I missed on a little group of three Bearded Reedlings at Herdlevær yesterday😑. I wasn't able to visit, so I went to Herdlevær today without any expectations or hope at all, because they were not seen after 15:00 on wednesday. It was by the way a group of Norwegian birds, ringed this year in southern Norway...

But at a totally different place I found them back. It went quick. I couldn't believe my ears first. I only heard them vaguely and couldn't locate them. Then I decided to get a bit closer as they were calling again. After that I could make a few sound recordings. Then the four (!) birds flew away after about ten minutes, during which I could take more sound recordings. Searching afterwards with a few present birders was fruitless. It could well be that they slept on the spot and flew away after my encounter...

The sound recordings are quite distant and not very good as I could not get closer than about 50 meters, but one can hear the unmistakable calls of the birds😊

📡 here and here (best with headphones)

Further rather quiet with among others one Lesser Whitethroat (curruca), 10 Goldfinches, only one Chiffchaff (collybita) and lots of Goldcrests. At Breivik I saw one Northern Pintail and further the group of Pink-footed Geese with two Barnacles still present.


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