Oct 19, 2020


Today a visit to Herdla. It is October, so have to get out when possible😊. It was nice, but no shocking events...

A group of 24 Pink-footed Geese, two Northern Pintails, some 80 Wigeons, three Grey Plovers and some Dunlins on the fields. A walk at Herdla Fort produced a very vocal male Grey-headed Woodpecker, some Common Crossbills, two Nuthatches(!) and a flyby Goldfinch. Lots of Fieldfares, Common Starlings and Robins, as well as a few Willow Tits made the trip worth wile. Listen some sound recordings below.

📡 Grey-headed Woodpecker and Common Crossbill

I think it's difficult to judge which type crossbill is involved here. There are described 6 different types, based on differences in calls (A, B, C, D, E and F). I think the recorded crossbills are type A...or C...

One can read and hear more about this in Dutch Birding 22:61-107 and the CD Introduction to vocalizations of crossbills in north-western Europe, both by Magnus Robb, both published in 2000

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