Aug 26, 2022

Citrine seen and (even better) heard on Herdla

 Saw the female Citrine Wagtail this morning on Herdla. Heard it calling and saw it distantly through the telescope, short and it flew away before I could get closer. But I managed to record the call😃

The time of the year is very good for waders. Five Temmincks Stints, one Little Stint, still five Black-tailed Godwits and two Wood Sandpipers being best. Further around 200 Ruff, a few Bar-tailed Godwits and the like.

         young Wood Sandpiper, born this year

islandica Black-tailed Godwit. Same bird as on Wednesday, wonder if it is ill

Temminck's Stint, young bird

🎤 Citrine Wagtail

🎤 Temminck's Stint

🎤 White Wagtail

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