january 2011 northern Thailand

I have been photographing since 2007. I began taking pictures with a Nikon D80 body and a 300mm/f4 Nikkor lens. Since 2013 I use a Nikon D600 with the same lens. Since june 2015 I use a 300mm f/4 VR Nikkor. '23 I began with Nikon Z6ii mirrorless...

I use this H5 Zoom recorder with a SSH-6 shotgun mic for bird sounds.

This telescope I bought in April 2021. Small, light and good quality. Besides finding birds I can use it as a fine telelens for digiscoping...

and of course the library

I have been birding abroad; besides some countries in Europe I visited Israel twice, Oman, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, South Africa, Ecuador twice, Thailand twice, Florida, Canary Islands, Madeira, California, Turkey, Western Sahara and Algeria.

I use IOC taxonomy for Norway and the wordlist
My WP-list (greater WP) and Dutch list are based on CSNA (Dutch) taxonomy

World                             2936
Western Palearctic           711
Netherlands                      449
Norway                            314
Vestland                           276
Bergen                             195
edelkryss                         250
st. Olavs vei                      45

Best finds:

Dark-sided Flycatcher, new for Norway

Long-billed Curlew, new for Colombia

 Southern Martin, second for Ecuador

Black-faced Grassquit in Florida (rare straggler from the Bahamas), twitched by many

a group of 16 Griffon Vultures originally above my house in Groningen, the Netherland, subsequently seen in three other provinces by many observers

Raddes' Warbler, new for Hordaland

further sub-rarities, among others American Wigeon, Lesser YellowlegsPectoral Sandpipers, Aquatic WarblerMelodious WarblerRosy Starling, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Olive-backed PipitCitrine Wagtails and Little Buntings