May 18, 2012

Long-tailed Skuas!

After a night shift I hurried to Herdlevær for a seawatch. The last days a lot of skuas were reported migrating. On the spot I met Dag Gjerde and Lars Ågren. A short seawatch of one-and-a-half hour produced good numbers of birds.
Best sighting was a group of four (!) adult Long-tailed Skuas migrating slowly north high above the horizon. They were easily identified due to their very long tail streamers (as long as the bodies), lack of white in the wings and their elegant flight.
Further a lot of Arctic Skuas (32) and seven Pomarine Skuas. Good migration of Kittiwakes as well as three Puffins, a few Gannets, a Black-throated Diver, some Red-throated Divers and three Dunlins all heading north. No large divers...

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