Nov 5, 2012

Pine Grosbeaks, but not on sunday

On saturday more than 100 Pine Grosbeaks were reported. I had some other things to do, but on sunday I birded from dawn to dusk on Øygarden, almost sure to see Pine Grosbeaks. But alas, I couldn't find any, neither did anybody else.
It was, however, a fine day with a good deal of Waxwings, a fly-by Two-barred Crossbill (with it's typical trumpetter-call), several Goldfinches, two Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers, a Grey-headed Woodpecker, a Lapland Bunting and lots of thrushes.

One of the two Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. This one at Herdlevær, the other at Sele.

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