May 20, 2014

White-backed Woodpecker

I knew about a nest of White-backed Woodpeckers, so I had to go out and try to make pics and sound recordings. They were easy to find, making lots of noise, these woodpeckers, so I managed to take some pictures and recordings. Taking pictures in a mixture of sun and shade is not the easiest thing, but with some effort and patience I got some reasonable shots and recordings of the call (see below). I did not use tape to lure them, by the way. Further on the way back a Common Buzzard soaring over one of Lindås beautiful valleys.

female White-backed Woodpecker

adult and young birds at the nest site

In the afternoon a walk with Anne, Robin and Hickman at Myrdalsvannet. We had two singing Icterine Warblers, first of the year for me. Below a link to the song of one of them.

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