Feb 25, 2015

Three in a row, real twitching in the Netherlands!!!

We were for a few days in the Netherlands and I had the opportunity to add three new species to my Dutch list in one day only! Oriental Turtle Dove at Vlaardingen near Rotterdam, Spotted Sandpiper at Medemblik near Alkmaar and Dark-eyed Junco at Groningen.

Oriental Turtle Dove

Spotted Sandpiper

Dark-eyed Junco

The junco-pics are taken by my brother Sybrand, the others by myself. The junco was only the second for the Netherland (after one in 1962). The Oriental Turtle Dove was the fourth and the Spotted Sandpiper the fourth as well...
Driving through my home country made me realise how lucky the dutch are. There are birds all over the place. We saw some ten Great White Egrets, about 50 Common Buzzards, two White Storks and thousands of ducks and geese. 
Anyhow, I've seen 447 species in the Netherlands now. Next three already this year?

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