Sep 27, 2015

Feeding the ducks; Northern Shoveler

Went to Nygårdsparken to look for the northern Shovelers present there (rare in Bergen). Took pics in bad light. Afterwards feeding gulls and ducks with Robin at the Tveitevannet...Here a sinensis Great Cormorant present (see explanation below the picture). Click on the pics!

 Northern Shoveler

Continental Great Cormorant (sinensis). On Great Cormorants the gular pouch has two angles: on this bird the upper is large (more than 70 degrees). Besides that, the lower gular angle falls well behind the eye, which make this bird a sinensis. In Atlantic (carbo) the upper angle would be less than 60 degrees and the lower angle would fall before the eye.

first year Lesser Black-backed Gull

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