Oct 7, 2017

Parrot Crossbills around

The last weeks an invasion of Parrot Crossbills Loxia pytyopsittacus is going on. Had a few over our new house and at Herdlevær the last few times I visited as well as on Turøy and the biological station in Bergen. The two on Turøy I could identify by bill structure.
However, taxonomy isn't stable in the Loxia- genus. It seems there are a few types of crossbill and some of them are like Parrot in structure and call. For the moment we call the birds of the last few weeks here and in north-western europa pytyopsittacus calling typical with an  almost wader-like quality as I would call it.

Further yesterday a Yellow-browed Warbler there and lot of thrushes in the air. Not much else on the warbler front, though...One Chiffchaff, a Blackcap and a rather late Pied Flycatcher...

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